Love Clean Streets/Mediaklik Reports API

A full version of this api is available - allowing you to post and retrieve data

If you would like more information or would like to sign up for an APPKEY to use with this api please email


Basic urls Comment Get all approved reports for today Get all approved reports for today in georss format[reportid]?APPKEY=[appkey] Get specific report data for reportid  (requires full api with APPKEY) Get all wards Get all local authorities Get all categories[imageid]?w=150&h=200 Get the image for imageid  and set width to maximum of 150pixels and height set to 200 pixels.  The w querystring can be omitted to get the image in it's original size, and the h can omitted to use the default height (calculated from the width and original size)
Querystrings Can be appended to above urls and combined e.g. reports/georss?age=10&completed=0
age=20 specify the number of days or reports to get
completed=1|0 Only retrieve completed (1) or uncompleted (0) reports
wardid=1234 Only retrieve reports for wardid. 
authorityid=1234 Only retrieve reports for authorityid.  Get the authority list and id's from
categoryid=1234 Only retrieve reports for categoryid.  Get the category list from
tag=singletag Only reports with this tag.  Note that multiple tags not currently supported